He called ten of his servants and gave them ten coins and told them, “Engage in trade with these until I return. (Luke 19:12)

Good evening, Lord. I have been so aware of my father, on this, the 22nd anniversary of his death. I feel him, still watching, praying for me as I pray for or with him. I truly feel that is with you in your glory. He was a gentle, compassionate and encouraging man, and he suffered so much during his life. For the last nine years, he could not speak, though he could understand us. I know we cannot presume, but surely that helped to make him ready. I did not deserve a daddy like him, any more than I deserve your love, Heavenly Father, or the redemption by your Son.

I don’t know whether my father knew how much I loved him, despite my often ungrateful and even hurtful actions. Why do we not say these things while we have the opportunity? In Eternity, with no need for speech, we will know one another as you know us. The unity that cannot fully be grasped in this world will heal and nourish our souls. As members of one Body, we will immerse ourselves joyfully in your praise.

Luke’s version of the parable of the talents seems even stricter than Matthew’s, but the master is clear in his direction to trade with them. They are not gifts, but trusts, which we are to use for the sake of all. If we are cowardly or unconcerned, we will have nothing. Please help us to “grow” your gifts and contribute to your kingship.

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