But what comes out of man, that is what defiles him.
(Mark 7:20)

Evil comes from the heart and not from anything external. Lord, protect our hearts from the temptations of the evil one. Replace impurities with love for you who created us out of love. Let us be thankful for everything you send and take from no one what is not ours. Let us recall that we are members of one Body. If we harm another, we harm ourselves. Let us love only you, want only what you give us, wish no one harm, and deceive no one, including ourselves. Of our own merit, we are entitled to nothing; let us begrudge no one. You are our very sustenance. To speak or act contrary to that is blasphemy and foolishness.

Lord, how can I acknowledge you today? Guard my heart; hold it fast in your Presence. Thy will be done.

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