From St. Philip Neri

“When God infuses extraordinary sweetnesses into the soul, [we] ought to prepare for some serious tribulation or temptation.”

“We must not wish to do everything at once or become a saint In four days.”

The words of the saint whose feast we celebrate today are so timely, Lord. Thank you for making them available to me.
I have been dismayed by the amount of time it takes me to sort and dispose of papers and objects. Yet I can see a little progress. My life is still comfortable and uncomplicated, and it is so easy to take that for granted. The time will come when I will be tested. Let me drink deeply of your consolations and be strengthened by them.

Yes, I have some daily challenges, but there has been more time for prayer, and, by your grace, the inclination to feast on your Word, your Sacraments, your love. You allowed me to participate in Reconciliation and Mass this holiday weekend. You sent beautiful, cool days, and an opportunity to go outside. I had peace and silence when I needed it.

I get frustrated sometimes when I have to schedule my activity around the needs of my body. Sister Donkey is a stubborn beast, but it would do no good to kick her. My time is yours, especially now that I am retired, and in your time you can accomplish in me whatever is necessary. My life is for you and about you. Please don’t let me forget. You will be there when I am afraid and discouraged, even closer than when I am calm. My Jesus, I trust in you.

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