Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
(Mark 12:17)

As a citizen of the USA, what do I owe my country? How do I distinguish between what belongs to it and what belongs to you, Lord?

First of all, I belong to you. I owe you everything that I have, for you have created it all. If you had not loved me, I could not love. I love you, then, with all my heart.

In exchange for the rights my country accords me, I pay its taxes and obey its laws, as long as those laws do not conflict with universal Truth.

We are a democracy. We vote on our laws, but a majority cannot decide what is right or wrong. If I break an unfair law and have to go to prison, then I will accept the punishment, but I will not uphold or defend anything that tries to prevent us from loving you and every soul that you put on earth, from conception to whatever death you ordain.
The rights with which you endowed us are not license. My right ends where that of another’s begins. The commandments that have endured for so many centuries are as real and timely today as they were in biblical times. They teach us to love and respect you, ourselves, and others. As an individual, I take them on myself willingly because they are reflections of your love. It is not my job to judge anyone else, but I will not be held to any standard that contradicts what your Word and your Spirit show is right.

Since childhood, I have tried to do “the right thing,” but I am still learning what that means. It is not the expedient thing, not the politically correct thing, and certainly not the easiest thing. Only through prayer can I know your will for me, and that is the right thing. Thy will be done, my Lord and my God. Open me to it and direct me in it. Amen.

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