Thursday, May 29, 2014
Today, Lord, you will come to me in the closest way possible in this life. I will swallow the Host, but it is you who will consume me, taking me into yourself. I cannot understand this Mystery of mysteries, this Sacrifice of sacrifices, this Sacrament of union. Please show me how to thank you as much as I am able. I rejoice in you,. I glory in you. Work through me and in me. Radiate your love. I want to exist only in you. Let me realize and acknowledge you with every thought, word and deed. Take me, Lord. I am yours.
I want to be your slave, to be owned by you, to be so intent on your will that my own ceases to exist. Yet you invite me to be your friend, as well. How can that be? My master, my king, my Lord, my God — and my friend? You are my confidante. You speak; you listen; you comfort; you confide. Walk with me; stay with me.
I am thankful now, especially for:
A re-arranged apartment
Being prepared for the service
Hearing from Birdie and Shirley
A ride to Mass this weekend
Sending donation for Mass cards
Finding hymn
More space
Crohn’s behaving for now
Feeling hopeful

Here I am, Lord. You disappeared into the cloud, but not before promising that you are with us always. Let us reflect and prepare for your Spirit, however he might enlighten us. Spirit of God, show us the meaning of Christ’s words for us today. I resolve to listen, to make an act of submission to your will every time I switch from one activity to another. Thy will be done.

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