Therefore, it is necessary that one of the men who accompanied us the whole time … .become with us a witness to his resurrection.

(Acts 1:21-22)

Lord, I know that you are here with me now and in a few hours I will receive you in the Eucharist. This is as close as you can hold me in this life. Thank you.

After the defection of Judas, and to fulfill the prophecy, “Another will take his place,” Peter called a meeting to choose a successor. The lot fell to Mathias, and once again there were twelve apostles.
Mathias had known you all through your ministry, my Jesus, from your baptism to your crucifixion and resurrection. You had been preparing him for his new role.

We don’t know what is waiting for us, and yet we spend our lives in readiness. We all have definitive moments, in which we are called to serve in different capacities. Whether or not we recognize them as such, these moments create opportunities to expand. We might change course, or we might re-dedicate ourselves to our current path, but you are always working in us, always grooming us for the unknown future. Give us the grace to discern your will, not only in major crises, but in the little challenges we face daily. Thy will be done.

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