Beloved, we love God because he first loved us.
1 John 4: 19

Whoever loves God must also love his brother.
1 John 4:21

Good morning, Lord, on this cold winter day. Please take care of those who need shelter and heat: the homeless, the poor, the elderly. Watch over those for whom I have promised to pray. Let me pause for a moment and remember them. Empty me of all my distractions. I surrender to your unfathomable love.
I could not love you if you did not first love me, Lord. You do not merely love; you are love. How can I return and share your love today? What are the opportunities that I see now? How can I remain open to those I do not yet see? You will provide them if I just stay alert to your will.
A neighbor and I were talking about all the requests for donations we get. We want to help, but we are overwhelmed with all the mail. It is hard to choose.

It reminded me of the cliché, “Charity begins at home.” I see or hear about the needs of the elderly in this building every day. Please help me to respond to then with alacrity. How often I postpone a visit because I am too tired, or just too lazy, to go out. If someone comes to me, I will gladly drop everything to listen and, if possible, help. But who am I to expect others to come to me?

I say that I want to be available, but I need to be more active. Love is, after all, an action, not a mere feeling. Only you can be love, Lord, but we can do love. Please help us all to be your servants. Thy will be done. Work through us, Lord.

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