Then a cloud came, casting a shadow over them; from the cloud came a voice, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.”

(Mark 9:17)

Even before the cloud, the disciples are terrified. Trembling in the shadow, they hear you, Father God, proclaiming your beloved Son. They listen to him, but they do not understand. What is “rising from the dead?” How can the Messiah, the Son of God, die? They obey you, telling no one what they had witnessed, but their questions haunt them. Only in looking back after you have fulfilled the Sacrifice can they see the fullness of your plan.

Help us when our minds are clouded and confused. Speak to us from the darkness.

This afternoon you came to me, oh Bread of Life. There were a few worshippers and one observer. She thanked us for letting her watch. I was so touched by her openness. There was a quiet time for thanksgiving today. The order of the service was a little different, but it all worked together. Sometimes we need to have the routine shaken up a bit to experience it anew.

I am feeling hopeful today. Cooler weather is arriving and I look forward to more energy. Any fears I have about tomorrow’s scope will all be resolved, and if I need any treatment, I will schedule it. Bumps in the road might slow me down, but they will not obstruct me. After all, you are the Way, and you will always be. You will take me wherever you want me to be, and, if there are detours, I will do some sightseeing. Nothing you arrange is ever wasted.

You are present in me; therefore I am present in you. I have feasted at your table. I am strong enough to follow you. Take me.

Forgive me, please, Lord, for whatever opportunities to serve that I failed to follow. Please help me to say yes more often and more freely. Thy will be done.

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