I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy might be complete.

(John 15:11)

These words, my Jesus, you give us on the eve of your arrest. You are about to suffer the price of sin, you who are sinless, and yet you speak of joy. Because you are in eternity with the father, you know infinite joy even in temporal, excruciating pain.

We get that word, “excruciating,” from the physical agony of crucifixion. You are about to suffer that pain, but even more deeply, you will suffer from denial, treason, and the mockery of those you have come to save.

How can we be joyful in the midst of trials and pain? Joy is an expression of infinite love, while pain is finite. If we share in your infinite Love, as you assure us we do, our joy cannot be pierced. Let us remain in your love. Thy will be done.

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