Simon Peter answered him, “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

(John 6:68)

My Lord, you did not soften your words about eating your Flesh, even when many of your disciples turned away. That shows us that you were not speaking symbolically. The twelve did not yet know that you would take bread and transform it into your Body, but they knew that only through you would they live forever. Without you there was nothing. Without understanding, they trusted you.

We cannot grasp the full significance of Presence in the Eucharist, but your Word has enlightened us. We come to you despite our failings, knowing that you have invited us. You allow us to participate in the one true Sacrifice.

That moment at the last supper explained your meaning to those who had remained faithful. They still did not know all that was to follow, but you strengthened them. Keep us faithful, Lord, and strengthen us for the difficulties or our mortal lives and deaths. Prepare us to live forever in you.

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