Saint Cecilia

That the dead will rise, even Moses made known … when he called “Lord” the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, and he is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive. (Luke 20:37-38)

I am here, Lord, still in the afterglow of today’s encounter with you in Mass and Communion. We were in a smaller room due to a scheduling conflict, and because of that our congregation seemed larger. It was nice to have all the seats filled.

At some point, a simple phrase struck me – “at your service.” During the homily, Father Bowen talked about how “busy” we all are and the things we “don’t have time for.” If you are our priority, our first instinct should be to be available for those who need us. How happy I am when you show me how to help my neighbor, when you send someone to me. The interruptions are more valuable than the schedule. Thank you for a week that was filled with opportunities to listen and serve.

My wrist is still sore and it’s hard to write, but I much prefer it to typing. I feel as though you guide my pen. The keyboard is fast but impersonal.

In you, Lord, God of the living, we are all alive. We do not see Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. We no longer hear the voices of those family members and friends who have preceded us into Eternity, but we know that you see them, and that when we meet again it will not be in an earthly relationship, but in one of unity with you, constantly joined in praise and thanksgiving. We will sing without tiring. We will, as the hymn, “Gather Us In,” states, “enter the song.” Gather us, indeed, Lord, serving now so that we will recognize you in each of us.

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