[They] approached him and said to him, “By what authority are you doing these things? Or who gave you the authority to do them?”
(Mark 11:28)

The high priests, scribes and elders who approached you did not ask in good faith, my Jesus. You knew that they were waiting to hear words that, in their opinion, would condemn you. So you asked them a question that, for political reasons, they could not answer.

You have told us by whose authority you taught and healed. You come from the Father and speak through the Spirit. You are three in one. The Father’s authority is the Son’s and the Spirit’s.

On what authority can I do anything, Lord? I could not draw my next breath if you did not will it. If I do everything in your name, then you act in me. If I dedicate myself to you, you will show me what you want. Please remind me always that you are my cause and my end. Let me pay no attention to anything that does not come from you. Thy will be done.

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