He had one other to send, a beloved son. He sent him to them last of all, thinking, “They will respect my son.”
(Mark 12:8)

Father, it is your beloved Son who relates the parable of the vineyard managed by wicked tenants. He was “the stone rejected, which became the cornerstone.”

When we feel rejected and misunderstood, let us remember that you who love us, You Who Are, Yahweh, were ignored by those to whom you gave the earth as their garden. Not only did your people refuse to give you what they owed, but they beat and killed your prophets and even your Divine Son.

We who have nothing, who are owed nothing, suffer less than we deserve. We have refused even to thank you for this life you have entrusted to us. Yet, you redeem us with the only sacrifice worthy of you, your own Son, your very Self.

Forgive me, Lord, for all the times I have forgotten that I have not earned, could not earn anything. I am not self-made, self-sufficient nor self-reliant. I live because you will it; how can I oppose your will?

When I forget my purpose and my cause, when I am lured by desires, temptations and distractions, remind me, Lord, of who I am and Who You Are. Thy will be done.

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