I cannot carry all these people by myself, for they are too heavy for me.

(Numbers 11:14)

Lord, any burden that we try to carry by ourselves is too heavy. Like Moses, we forget that we are just your instruments; it is you who work through us.

When Moses complained, you didn’t just tell him to delegate, but you, yourself, delegated on his behalf. You fed your people daily, and still they grumbled. You gave them manna; they longed for meat – and cucumbers, melons and garlic.

We might feel that our responsibilities don’t belong to us. We didn’t ask for them. They just fell upon us. Daily, we say, “Thy will be done.” How often do we welcome what you send us?

What happens is your will, but I do not accomplish it on my own. You give me what strength and courage I need. Your Spirit enables me to discern the actions I must take. I can do nothing on my own. I am yours; I have only myself to give.

You are with me now, my Jesus, as the Father was with Moses. I am not a leader, but still you instruct me and will work through me if I just get out of the way. If I am following you, I cannot impede you. Gladly will I walk behind. Lead me; guide me.

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