Here I am again, Lord, home for the evening at 6:00 and well satisfied with all you have given me. I like being available and I am so grateful for every encounter with you and with my neighbors. I need to be more spontaneous; it is such a blessing. I must decrease; you must increase.

Planning can be useful, but often it is liberating to just respond – to embrace the invitation of each moment. Just as you will provide us with the words we are to say, you will send us those with whom we need to interact.

St. Martin of Tours didn’t see you in the beggar with whom he shared his cloak. It wasn’t until later in a dream that you revealed yourself to him. He did not give you the whole cloak, but cut it in half. There is such dignity in sharing, in acknowledging our equality. We can give with pride, but when we share we are humble. Please help us to acknowledge in others the respect and camaraderie that make us one. Thy will be done.

Monday, November 10, 2014
Today, I rejoice in what I don’t have, for I release it gladly to you, Lord. I am happy, even when I stumble in frustration and weakness, for I have no illusions that I am in control. Without guilt, without indolence, I shall float wherever your current takes me. I’m at sea, but not lost, for that sea is you and you are my All. Take me, Lord. Accept me, unworthy as I am. Make me who you want me to be and yet let me be nothing. Use me, absorb me.
No matter how I feel, let me remember that you are in charge and you know exactly what I need. I just have to get out of the way. Nothing else matters. Stay with me. Keep me with you. Thy will be done.

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