John 16: 11-12
I still have many things to say to you
But they would be too much for you now.

Today, Lord, I am thankful, especially for
1. Waking in time to prepare for SCC
2. A delicious and satisfying French toast cheddar sandwich for breakfast
3. Newly washed clothes to put on
4. Organizing prayer journal
5. Printing Psalm 139
6. Time to reflect quietly
7. Birdie and Francis
8. AHWTW book
9. Reflecting on Ascension
10. Sharing experience of the Spirit
11. An opportunity to witness by providing information and a sympathetic ear
12. An answer to my prayer about ways to help others
13. A cardinal at my window, a downy woodpecker at the suet

Just a few hours ago, Lord, I asked my faith-sharing group to pray that you would show me a means of ministering to someone today. I came home, fixed lunch, and was eating it at the computer while doing crosswords on line. When the phone rang, I felt a moment of irritation, but then I remembered that this was the interruption I had requested. My neighbor just needed a little information and a sympathetic ear, and I was available. Another phone call and a brief visit satisfied her. I am so grateful that you sent her to me, more for my sake, I think, than hers. Please encourage and comfort her.

The readings for the Ascension which we considered at the meeting reiterated this morning’s gospel. When the disciples asked Jesus whether he would immediately restore the kingdom of Israel, he answered, “It is not for you to know the times or seasons.”

It is not good for us to know your plans ahead of time. You instruct us to bear witness and to make disciples of all nations. Sometimes we need words, and if we do ,you provide them. But often it is simply by reflecting your love for us to those we encounter in our faith journey. Just keep us open and listening.

Thank you, Lord, for what has happened so far and for what will happen next. Thank you for the little things that gladden my heart, like a cardinal in my window feeder and a downy woodpecker at the suet box. Thank you for work and play and especially for friends and neighbors. Let us clap our hands and shout for joy as the psalmist exhorts us. (Psalm 47). Thy will be done. Be it done unto me. Fiat! So be it. Amen.

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