Lord, I spoke out of turn today, citing rumors as facts. I am sorry. Thank you for the person who corrected me. Let me pray for everyone and mind my own business. You know what is right. Please make me attentive to your guidance.
Even Paul, who was so wise, so blessed, so zealous for you found himself going against himself. How can I think that I will not fall? Still, please set a guard on my tongue. Some people have a surgical implant on their tongues to keep from eating; I need one to keep from speaking. If I don’t know, let me not conjecture. Show me how to put the most favorable interpretation on what I do experience and avoid judging.
I want to bear fruit, Lord. You have been so patient with me for so long. How do I know there will even be a tomorrow? Forgive me for the time I have wasted. I can’t change the past but I can certainly start over. Please help me to see each day as a new opportunity. Thy will be done.

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