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Eljay Wendel
June Adams Wendel was born 101 years ago on this date. Thinking of you, Mother.

Jacqueline G. Wendel
I already sang Happy Birthday!! I blew her a kiss on my mantle. I MISS her everyday. Not too many 18 yr olds jump in the car, drive 5 hours to hang out with their Grandparents!! We were so Blessed. The one time I took her to El Rancho & she insisted they wrap it to go. They said they’re not allowed. She persisted & asked to speak to her niece the owner or something like that!! June Marie Adams Wendel was a “One in a Million Lady!”

Ursula Adams
She was I remember when we went to Dinner one time and she put the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy in her purse. And we use to go to hear Irene and sing our hearts out. Poor Uncle Tod went to the car and slept until we were ready to go. I loved her so much.

Cynthia Wendel Seltner
Just did my own “Hokey Pokey”. I miss my wild grandma very much. She was so much fun. Mark and I took her to Eatin’ Park. It was around 9:00 pm. Just us in there. She knew we didn’t smoke, so she lit a cigarette and walked to the other side of the restaurant. She told the waitress all about us being Jehovah’s Witnesses and how we don’t do drugs or smoke. Then she told her that she (grandma) was a rebel heathen. She packed up her breadsticks and sauce, in her purse, and she took all the sugar and sweeteners. Gotta love her.

Eljay Wendel
Among the things she left me, I found a little cream pitcher. There was a logo on the bottom; so I looked it up on line to see if it might be an antique. I learned those pitchers were supplied to restaurants way back when. ‘Nough said.

Cynthia Wendel Seltner
Bahahaha! A little clepto!

Eljay Wendel
Ush, who is Irene? I remember the Harmony Club, way before there was karaoke in the U.S. Pitchers of beer and sing-long all night. I got carded there when I was 30. LOL

Christy Wendel Levine
She was on my mind today too. Happy Birthday grandma!

Ursula Adams
The Harmony Cub is where Irene the Old Lady played the Piano and flashed the word on the wall. We went there almost all the time with your Mother and Dad. Singing our hearts out and the evening ended with her playing Good Night Irene

Cynthia Wendel Seltner
Oh my gosh, I remember the Harmony Club!

Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
(Mark 12:17)

As a citizen of the USA, what do I owe my country? How do I distinguish between what belongs to it and what belongs to you, Lord?

First of all, I belong to you. I owe you everything that I have, for you have created it all. If you had not loved me, I could not love. I love you, then, with all my heart.

In exchange for the rights my country accords me, I pay its taxes and obey its laws, as long as those laws do not conflict with universal Truth.

We are a democracy. We vote on our laws, but a majority cannot decide what is right or wrong. If I break an unfair law and have to go to prison, then I will accept the punishment, but I will not uphold or defend anything that tries to prevent us from loving you and every soul that you put on earth, from conception to whatever death you ordain.
The rights with which you endowed us are not license. My right ends where that of another’s begins. The commandments that have endured for so many centuries are as real and timely today as they were in biblical times. They teach us to love and respect you, ourselves, and others. As an individual, I take them on myself willingly because they are reflections of your love. It is not my job to judge anyone else, but I will not be held to any standard that contradicts what your Word and your Spirit show is right.

Since childhood, I have tried to do “the right thing,” but I am still learning what that means. It is not the expedient thing, not the politically correct thing, and certainly not the easiest thing. Only through prayer can I know your will for me, and that is the right thing. Thy will be done, my Lord and my God. Open me to it and direct me in it. Amen.

KAUFMAN – Lois (Wendel), 85, Westmont, passed away Thursday, April 30, 2015, at Memorial Medical Center. Born June 8, 1929, in Ferndale, daughter of W.O. Wendel and Rachael (DeArmey) Wendel. Preceded in death by her parents; longtime companion, William Stackhouse; daughter, Lori Bearjar; four brothers; and three sisters. Survived by children, Jean Ann, married to Jim Bruce, Johnstown; and Tod Kaufman, Plant City, Fla.; grandchildren, Daniel Bruce, and partner, Kristin Hildrebrand; Lydia (Bruce), married to Shane Lloyd; J.P. Bruce, and partner, Lauren Kessylak; Peter Bearjar; Perry Kaufman, married to Theresa Vogel; Theresa (Kaufman), married to Joshua Britt; and Christopher Kaufman; and sister, Audrey Sedei, Salix. Funeral arrangements entrusted to Frank Duca Funeral Home, Westmont Chapel, 1622 Menoher Blvd. At the request of Lois and her family, there will be no visitation and a memorial service will be announced at a later date. Private interment at Grandview Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please donate to a charity of your choice “In Memory of Lois W. Kaufman.” Condolences may be sent through


Lois with three of her older brother’s children.


Lois & Lois reminiscing


Lois with her great great nephew

He had one other to send, a beloved son. He sent him to them last of all, thinking, “They will respect my son.”
(Mark 12:8)

Father, it is your beloved Son who relates the parable of the vineyard managed by wicked tenants. He was “the stone rejected, which became the cornerstone.”

When we feel rejected and misunderstood, let us remember that you who love us, You Who Are, Yahweh, were ignored by those to whom you gave the earth as their garden. Not only did your people refuse to give you what they owed, but they beat and killed your prophets and even your Divine Son.

We who have nothing, who are owed nothing, suffer less than we deserve. We have refused even to thank you for this life you have entrusted to us. Yet, you redeem us with the only sacrifice worthy of you, your own Son, your very Self.

Forgive me, Lord, for all the times I have forgotten that I have not earned, could not earn anything. I am not self-made, self-sufficient nor self-reliant. I live because you will it; how can I oppose your will?

When I forget my purpose and my cause, when I am lured by desires, temptations and distractions, remind me, Lord, of who I am and Who You Are. Thy will be done.

And behold I am with you always, until the end of the age.
(Matthew 26:20)

From At Home With the Word:

“Do you relate to one Person of the Trinity more than the other two ? If so, why?”

When you say you are with us always, my Jesus, you mean the Trinity. I tend to relate more to the Son, (the Word,) and then to the Spirit. I used to think of the Father as more remote, and yet, when I examine my relationship with my human father, it is easier to see how much I depend on you, Heavenly Father. Just as my earthly father doted on me, challenged me, and took pride in me, you, my Abba, cherish and guide me. You are my dearest “Daddy,” not distant, not formal, but with me personally. Thank you, my Lord and my God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

[They] approached him and said to him, “By what authority are you doing these things? Or who gave you the authority to do them?”
(Mark 11:28)

The high priests, scribes and elders who approached you did not ask in good faith, my Jesus. You knew that they were waiting to hear words that, in their opinion, would condemn you. So you asked them a question that, for political reasons, they could not answer.

You have told us by whose authority you taught and healed. You come from the Father and speak through the Spirit. You are three in one. The Father’s authority is the Son’s and the Spirit’s.

On what authority can I do anything, Lord? I could not draw my next breath if you did not will it. If I do everything in your name, then you act in me. If I dedicate myself to you, you will show me what you want. Please remind me always that you are my cause and my end. Let me pay no attention to anything that does not come from you. Thy will be done.